Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Take the Mystery Out of Successful Gardening!

Castle Rock, CO - The Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation (CALF) and the CSU Extension/Douglas County Master Gardeners have teamed up this year to offer a series of gardening classes to guide you through the growing season. Classes will be held the second Saturday of each month (March through September) at CALF's Ag Barn located at Lowell Ranch, 3 miles south of Castle Rock (2330 S. I-25). The cost is $5 and includes breakfast (payable at the door).  These classes provide gardeners with the opportunity to learn from experts in a classroom setting as well as then go out into one of CALF's garden to see and practice what they learned.

CLASS Schedule (All classes begin at 8:00 am)

Saturday March 9, 2013 - Using Seeds or Transplants

Saturday April 13, 2013 - Choosing Soil Amendments (peat, compost, vermiculite)

Saturday May 11, 2013 - All About Tomatoes (determinate, indeterminate, planting them, staking them, how to tie them, cages, pruning, fertilizing, harvesting)

Saturday June 8, 2013 -  Organic Pest Control Methods (Homemade Sprays, Companion Plants, Row Cover, Fencing, other)

Saturday July 13, 2013 - What's Wrong with My Plant?

Saturday August 10, 2013 - Collecting and Preserving Seeds

Saturday September 14, 2013 - Putting Your Garden to Bed


Founded in 2002, the Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation at Lowell Ranch on Plum Creek three miles south of Castle Rock is a 133-acre working educational ranch that "connects people to agriculture" through authentic educational programs, community projects and special events. Contact Brooke Fox, President/CEO at 303-688-1026 or brooke@thecalf.org.

Since 1975, CSU Extension Master Gardeners have been helping gardeners in communities throughout Colorado by providing information and solutions for a wide variety of horticulture topics. Get answers to your horticulture questions and help with garden and landscape problems by calling CSU Extension/Douglas County at 720-733-6935. Additional resources and publications are available on their website http://www.extension.colostate.edu/douglas.

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